observations from a rapidly changing vantage point

* i am no longer "college age" and really don't understand the kids on FB these days

* going to an "organic"/"natural" baby store replete with cloth diapers and nursing covers is an exciting outing

* i am okay with not agreeing with my friends on everything political, spiritual and otherwise

* other people seem to think i'm confident and outspoken at times. huh.

* my husband gets more interesting, more attractive and more considerate every day. marrying him has been the best thing

* we will not always live where we can pick and choose where we worship, who the best choices for friendship are, or what activities we participate in

* people don't always appreciate the things you consider to be gifts shared with them. and there's not always a lot you can do about that

* i am actually becoming okay with the idea of "staying home" with my child for a while... without the guilt of "i should be using my degree and succeeding in a career"... that does not have to define me and be a measure of my worth

* i've spent 8 months carrying this beautiful child, and i can't wait to meet her. it astonishes me how much anticipation and readiness resides within my heart

* perhaps, perhaps, i am finally becoming okay with losing the girl i was at 19 because the woman i am at 28 is far more interesting and truly content