we're moving in ... about a month now. eric was offered a job at Middle Georgia Christian School in macon, and we are relieved, excited and nervous about well, everything. when we were waiting to hear whether he had an official offer from the school or not, we laid out potential household budgets, looked at rental houses and apartments, i made an "action plan" for the next two months so that we could save for the cross-country move... and waited.

things are good. they're inching along, and my usual struggle with staying in the present has reared it's familiar head. i've been living on craigslist and apartmentguide.com ... and scheming over air tran tickets to atlanta ... but we've still got a few things to do here. a garage sale, packing, finishing up our moving fund, and oh yeah - eric is waiting to defend a thesis. and all i can think is, can it be the end of july now, please?

my heart and brain are in a mental gridlock... i wanted to say limbo but, that actually is not active enough, not tense and happy and nervous and anxious enough. eric and i frequently look at each other of a day and say, "i'm happy, really happy, but so stressed."... i know, this too shall pass.

so, to pass the time when i realize i'm not going to be able to secure the ideal housing arrangement until we're closer to july, or when i worry about eric and the thesis, these are things i do:

- nothing like looking at pretties to soothe my soul, and i like filing away pictures of hanging beds and earthships for my future use ;)

minimalist mom
- i can't remember which thing i was following on FB that linked me to her, but i love this woman's blog and the concept of living quality over quantity. it speaks to this anti packrat's soul. i can't wait for our garage sale this weekend. i've been slowly culling our already packed boxes that have been living in mom and dad's storage room. it's not that we have a lot to begin with but... why do we hold on to things that we know perfectly well we'll never use again?

la leche league
- yeah, i know i'm turning into a lactivist nut. i don't care. and remember, everyone is louder and more obnoxious on the internet ;) i've been able this past month to help organize a LLL booth at our local farmer's market (baby can eat green and local too!) in hopes that we can let women know what resources are available to them locally. it's been fun, and nourishes my "stage manager's" soul.

and, the best: my daughter

- need i say anything else? things are way better down on the floor with her, learning to crawl, giggling at her father's face, and right now laying on grandma's neck pillow and staring at sesame street.

so, i'll keep breathing deep, trying to get the tension out of my jaw, and enjoying the blessings right in front of me until time takes care of the traffic jam in my brain.