change. and sometimes when you least expect or want them to...

i'm adjusting to that today. my philosophy has always been on the generous side when it comes to loosing touch or simply loosing real connection with someone. some people are meant to be in your life forever... and some of the people you think are meant to be, simply aren't.

life is what happens while you're making other plans...

it's a simple truth that the minute you choose to take something for granted in this life, it will up and slap you in the face, one way or another. there are a couple of friendships that i have absolutely loved in the past three years of my life, that i simply assumed would remain. that the feelings were mutual, equally distributed, a blessing to both parties...

and now, i feel pushed aside, ignored, forgotten. these are people that i love, and want to look up to and cheer on in their endeavors, their lives... and i don't think they are purposely ignoring me, but it certainly feels like i'm forgotten and faded. they've moved on to the next shiny object. it hurts, i won't lie. i've questioned myself a lot in the past month or two, wondering what it is that has distanced us... some of it just seems like it was inevitable, or that this is just how things need to be right now. what is the use of straining at something that just doesn't work anymore?

life shifts and changes with the light, with each movement, each beat of my heart... i know this, and i count on the fact that through it all god has provided an ever increasing store of those who remain. the worthwhile few who always will stop what they're doing to talk when i need it (they know they can do the same to me), that even though we don't talk on a daily basis, they feel this connection. they are my "kindred spirits", and as Anne observed to Diana... "you know, kindred spirits aren't as rare as i thought they were..."

friendships are blessings, however long they last, and every now and then a kindred spirit shines through and continues to glow and pulse in the hearts of those who love them. right now, i just need to remember those spirits, and how they return the love i feel for them. there are so many faces to love, through friendships, family, romance... and i'm so thankful for each one as they've caused me to grow and become me.


180 degrees

later ...

so, headlines in my life that have flown by in the past two weeks:





and, my personal favorite of favorites...


... which happened, oh, between finishing the semester and graduation.

my face is stuck in smile mode. seriously. after a semester of hellishness and intense emotion, change and lots of little ephiphanies - i am possibly the happiest i've been in about seven years.

school is over, i know what my highs and lows are all about, i'm about to start a job with a real live theatre in downtown cincinnati, and i'm dating my best friend who is just about the most gentle, intelligent, caring, handsome and considerate man i know...

and i'm getting so sappy. all the time. everything is so cute, or so beautiful, or reason to smile instead of mock. it was the most unexpected and beautiful surprise to have my last week in henderson be the first week with this amazing guy.

so many things that seemed so incredibly important have fallen by the wayside. obsessions that just pulled and tugged at my heart, at the back of my mind - they're distant voices and are increasingly less important - in fact they're ridiculous.

happy. not intense out of control happy, but true happy.


note to self

read these in that month of dead time before you get to cincinnati:
- the great gatsby
- a moveable feast
- the feminine mystique




wow, i'm tired. sooooo sleepy. miles to go before i sleep sleepy.

three finals down, one paper, two 2-D projects, and 5 reading responses to go. slowly, i am slowly hacking a way through the jungle with my crazy machete. ha. machete.

my brain is begging for a break at 3pm. i've taken a math final, a bible final and in between have conjured up two works cited pages, nailed down outlines and filled out paragraphs in my little burrow in the back of the library.

i'm so sick of sitting.

there's no time to sleep, and so ... i fear i must indulge in the caffiene.


am i

going to graduate? well... things are looking slightly up-ish. we'll see. 

it doesn't feel like i'm really going anywhere. and yet, i've recieved my letter of agreement from cincy shake and completed every little thing on the list fhu sent in order for me to be able to pick up my cap and gown.

cap and gown.

now, that just sounds ridiculous.

suse and i went and got sonic drinks together, justifying it with, "we won't get to do this for much longer", but neither of us want to believe it. eric and i won't be going to class and chorale anymore, and there's no more voyager left. my money is all tied up  in getting me to cincinnati. my doctor gave me enough samples to tide me over til my health insurance kicks in.

i have a 10 page paper and 2 essays, and about 4 reading responses. if i turn the paper in by wednesday and the history stuff by thursday ...  

maybe i'll be okay.