making my list

before i go lay down while baby is napping - a brief glimpse into what's churning around in our house.

i made myself sit down and write six goals for my home-making routine this morning. do you ever just hit a point in your daily routine where you feel cluttered, in a rut, and just plain yucky? i do, about every month or two. it occurred to me today that i have a few nebulous goals i mutter about to eric all the time and i need to just pin them down and stick them on the fridge (the center of all homes, right?).

none of these things are difficult. we do most of them often but not regularly. i know that a routine doesn't solve all the problems of our little world, but i know from experience it sure can shrink them down. the intent behind each of these is to improve my mental well being and to help my child have better days and happier parents. if i can get the "chores" of my day out of the way in the morning light and have a simple plan that bends with each change in our day then perhaps i can:
spend more time listening to my child and husband, worry less about mundane things, feel good about having people over at the spur of the moment, look forward to the time my husband arrives home without guilt over not getting the house straight before he comes home.

i like this list because it's brief and simple and it doesn't have five million steps or permutations... i like it because it's the kind of list i grew up with... what would your six goals be, if you picked up a crayon and scribbled them down today?