a prayer for waiting


Even in the midst of these uncertainties, you are providing for us, and I see that we are truly sustained by your hand. We need so little, but each little thing can feel so great!

Thank you for loving me through the struggles, thanks for knowing me and seeing me and all that I can be - I can only become it with your guidance and strength.

Forgive me for my doubts and frustration. There are times throughout my day where I wonder what it is that we are not doing. I don't understand why doors haven't opened yet... I don't know why we haven't found where we are supposed to be after what seems to be such a long time.

Help me see what it is I need to learn from you in this time and place. Help me find the best ways to support Eric and our children. Give me fortitude and hope to press on.

I know that in the big picture, this time is so short - but this part has begun to feel so very long, and I know there isn't much I can do but wait on your timing...

I've been angry, and sad and disgusted and fearful. I've been weighed down by how others see church instead of staying with you.

I want to stay with you Lord.

I praise you even when everything seems upside down, because you have been faithful and saved me and redeemed me over and over again. Bless me and keep me near you.

I am staying with you, precious and holy Father and Creator.