change of address

i don't know how many of those forms i've filled out ... it feels like hundreds when it might only be twenty. so, on July 18th or so, i'll go grab a couple at the post office and fill them out once more. change of address, winfield kansas to macon georgia.

and this is our house! my wonderful aunt and cousin went house-hunting this week for us and took a burden off my shoulders. i was looking forward to the hunting, but not the time constraints of doing it in a couple of days and timing everything just right. it's a little rancher, built in the sixties, a little worn but good bones... our realtor/landlord is renovating the bathroom and refinishing the hardwood floors, and i am arranging and rearranging our furniture over and over again with the little floor plan sally drew for us.

it's nice to have something to dream on and it will be even nicer to settle. i'm ready for quiet evenings and weekends spent on the deck watching baby play in her pool, for getting up with my husband and daughter every morning in our own home and having meals around our table. i'm ready to get to know people at a new church, at the school eric will be working at, and in the homeschool groups ...

i am ready for this change.

between getting our lease (we are renting, nowhere near buying!) sorted and eric meeting with his advisor this week about his thesis, a little relief is hitting us. and so tomorrow, i am actually going to pack everything we don't absolutely need in the next 18 days so that we can enjoy our last couple of weeks in kansas!