books of late

things that have gotten me writing and thinking of late:

third culture kids: the experience of growing up among worlds, pollack and van reken

this book is about me, my brothers, my mom, cousins, my husband... anyone who has grown up in a culture that is supposedly "other" to their native one, or has raised children in that atmosphere, should read this. missionary kids, military brats, expats... this book describes the experience of growing up cross culturally, and what blessings and challenges it can bring to your life.

a return to modesty: discovering the lost virtue, shalit

her first book, it's been on my list for ages... brought me lots to chew on. read it.

amazing grace: a vocabulary of faith, norris

you want this one your shelf. if you have ever struggled with the concept of faith and religion... read it, refer to it, it's a good one.

sex god: exploring the endless connections between spirituality and sexuality, bell

sensational title, no? a good easy read, still thought provoking and/or reaffirming.