good things, observations, books and resolutions

not going to lie, the first couple months of marriage have been hectic. not necessarily because of anything... horrible, but a lot of shifting has been going on. i have just completed my fourth "move" in a year's time, and there will be at least one more before the summer ends!

good things:

- eric has been accepted to the graduate program at Wichita State University
- mom and dad are letting us crash in their basement til we've saved up a bit
- i have a job again - JCP, again - and am thankful for employment, however mainstream ;)
- we're going to look at a farmhouse that we might rent tonight - i'm very excited
- in two weeks, we'll have been married 3 months!

oh! and in family news:

- eric's sister graduates high school next week
- we're visiting them in Arizona, and seeing the Grand Canyon (a first for me)
- eric's dad, paul, made general - wow.

mom and dad are busily winding up for summer. vbs and camps and all that stuff. it's good to be near them. i didn't quite imagine myself moving back to winfield after all the fuss moving to tennessee and then ohio etc. being back, and before we moved - the prospect of being back - has made me realize how much i connect to this part of the US. oklahoma, kansas, texas - my american growing up places - i've underestimated their value and place in my mind and memories. i love being somewhere where i can tell the stories, where i know a little history, where i have "roots".

allison gave me a book at christmas that i've slowly pawed through, rolling each word around in my mouth before chewing: "amazing grace: a vocabulary of faith" by kathleen norris... it's reminded me of a desire for simple life and a life connected to people, not things and ambitions, and a life more prone to spiritual development. of course this awesome book would come from allison. ;)

looking over my last few posts, i've been a little wearied by how "dramatic" i sound. i'm hoping to: a. write more often, in general and b. talk about what is going on in the world outside my head.

furthermore, it has occured to me that successful blogs have photos. alas, i don't own a camera or have any desire to at the moment, but i do have photos... lots. especially since i just got married and stuff. so, more to come in that area.

'til then, i shall go and dream of my life on a kansas farm and of all the pretty things i want to grow.