i am thankful for...

a husband who is a pro at folding cloth diapers and putting baby to sleep

our sweet sleeping little girl

incredible family who pray for us every day

friends that i can still talk to for almost two hours over the phone, who rejoice with me, groan with me, and encourage me

the security that i can only credit God for creating in my choice to just focus on being a mama right now

the blessings that are yet to come, that we don't ever deserve, that God simply holds in store for us because (and I understand this better every day now) we are his children and he will always give us what we need.


it's hard to believe that ezri is almost 10 weeks old. she's 2 1/2 months... and filling out all of her sleepers and onesies with gorgeous rolls of chub. there is no more beautiful baby, i am mesmerized by her sweet smiles and little "words"... it is truly a sweet time in my life, the sweetest yet. i never knew that this was coming. there is now a part of me that can comfort the broken hearted person i was 5 years ago and rejoice in stepping into a new role that will grow and change with me every day for the rest of my life. the most challenging role i will ever play... and i am thankful for it.