am i

going to graduate? well... things are looking slightly up-ish. we'll see. 

it doesn't feel like i'm really going anywhere. and yet, i've recieved my letter of agreement from cincy shake and completed every little thing on the list fhu sent in order for me to be able to pick up my cap and gown.

cap and gown.

now, that just sounds ridiculous.

suse and i went and got sonic drinks together, justifying it with, "we won't get to do this for much longer", but neither of us want to believe it. eric and i won't be going to class and chorale anymore, and there's no more voyager left. my money is all tied up  in getting me to cincinnati. my doctor gave me enough samples to tide me over til my health insurance kicks in.

i have a 10 page paper and 2 essays, and about 4 reading responses. if i turn the paper in by wednesday and the history stuff by thursday ...  

maybe i'll be okay.