1 month, 2 weeks, 3 hours ...

i've been in cincinnati for one month.. and 1 week

barefoot in the park has been running for just about 2 weeks

eric is in tucson, 3 hours behind my time zone and million miles away

how is it that i always end up quantifying everything, and yet i really don't like numbers? i will admit there is something satisfying in doing it. i like being able to say that i've been in a relationship with my someone for 11 weeks... nearly 3 months. still unbelievable, still great.

my adjustment to new work and a new place has been a little bumpy, and mostly due to circumstances beyond my control... mostly...

i'm coming to terms with a lot of things about myself lately.

i have a mental disorder... but i can handle it, and actually it makes my life all the more interesting and unique.

because of that disorder, i've put myself into debt through impulse purchases and avoiding my "fiscal" responsibilities in the past.

and then i've not taken care of myself. not really. it all just seems like to much work, to much focus... which at times has been so difficult to muster and so precious that i didn't feel like wasting it on self-discipline ...

now i'm in a better place than i've been in an age, and i'm sure there's still more i'll have to go through before i'm able to say i've dealt with it all... but i am finally feeling like the universe isn't against me after all.

it's nice.